Workers’ Compensation and Insurance Fraud Investigations

According to research data, thirty percent of all workers’ compensation claims in the United States are fraudulent. According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, there are an estimated $80 billion worth of fraudulent claims made annually in the United States! This should alarm everyone, because it raises the consumer prices. Higher employee costs add to product cost. As a business owner, workers’ compensation fraud can also damage your reputation with insurance companies, force your premiums higher and ultimately make your company less profitable, underscoring the need for proper workers’ comp and insurance investigations.

The first step into investigating suspicion of worker’s comp fraud is to determine if the employee is making a fraudulent claim. Then if the employee is indeed making a fraudulent claim, provide clear evidence of such.

North Carolina Investigative Services INC (N.C.I.S.) will perform the investigation in the most timely and efficient manner possible with the goal to save the client from unnecessary costs. N.C.I.S. will conduct the investigation in a discreet manner so not to give the employee the slightest inclination that he or she is the subject of an investigation.

N.C.I.S. conducts our investigations using several methods; not all claims are alike and each must be evaluated to determine which method is best.

The following are common investigative methods:

Activity Check – An activity check can be viewed as the preliminary stage of investigations for worker’s compensation cases. It is a short surveillance, usually 1 to 2 days in duration, and is used to determine whether or not an injured employee displays any type of suspicious behavior.

Extended Surveillance – If an injured employee indeed displays suspicious behavior during the activity check, then extended surveillance is the next step in the investigation. The purpose of an extended surveillance is to determine and document whether the suspicious behavior seen in the activity check was a one-time act, or part of a larger pattern of behavior.

Hidden Camera Surveillance – Often deployed in tandem with traditional surveillance, a hidden camera can be useful in catching an employee performing suspicious activities outside of a specific location, such as their home.

Our surveillance experts can solve many complex situations in the most efficient way possible. Using state of the art equipment and years of proven experience, our NC private investigator experts can obtain the evidence to prove or disprove the claim.

Whether the evidence is needed for court or for private use, to deny the claim or simply to send other employees a message, our surveillance experts can provide you with the swift, personalized clarification you need. Contact North Carolina Investigative Services INC at 800-819-6947 for affordable rates and we can began your investigation now.