Why Workplace Accidents Need Independent Investigation

Work place accidents can cost a company millions. In the event that there is a serious workplace injury, loss of limbs, or even death, what is in the best interest of your company?

The police will respond as well as OSHA. They will each conduct an independent investigation to protect the interests of the injured employee. But who will protect the interest of your business?

The State or local authorities are not going to share their information with you until their investigation is concluded. The company needs to have access to this information to help them make informed decisions – decisions that could save millions. Private Investigators can conduct their own independent investigation to determine what went wrong, and who is responsible.

Even if the investigator uncovers information that could hurt the company, it is important to have the information as soon as possible, so an informed plan of action can be developed.
In some cases, the local authorities and OSHA may not have all of the facts, and would be quick to close the case (which would not be in your company’s best interest). Why take their word for it? The welfare of your company and your employees may be at stake.

Maybe the company is at fault, maybe the injured employee is at fault, or maybe it was just a simple accident that could not be avoided. In any case, you can’t afford to not be proactive in the investigation. The investigation has to be independent, and free from the appearance of being a cover up.

Private investigators can provide an independent, thorough, and complete review of the incident. The report is confidential, and provided to you, the client. It also demonstrates to the injured party and all employees that the company is seeking the truth, so as to prevent these incidents from happening again in the future.