Now Offering LawMate Covert Surveillance Products

NC Global Solutions INC is proud to announce that we are now dealers of LawMate covert Surveillance Products. 

LawMate America is a division of SpyTeK Wholesale Imports And The Spy Exchange And Security Center. LawMate brand products are sold through carefully selected authorized dealers who have the expertise and product knowledge about LawMate Brand products. You will NOT find LawMate Brand products sold by low end consumer grade internet drop ship Spy Shops. LawMate America believes their products can only be sold through legitimate and real surveillance professional companies who know surveillance and law enforcement grade equipment. Authorized dealers are required to both stock product and have product knowledge.

“LawMate Is highly innovative in the development of covert surveillance and countermeasures gear. They are much like the Apple Computer of the investigative and intelligence gathering gear industry!” -Security Industy News Today

We are excited to be able to offer our customers and clients affordable solutions that help them find the answers that they are seeking. Our company is now able to provide not only surveillance, gps tracking and investigations but we can also provide products for people who seek peace of mind and answers to nagging questions and concerns.

We also sell High quality GPS tracking devices for corporate, fleet and private citizens . Our Covert GPS systems are top of the line and affordable. The covert units are real time GPS and require a monthly subscription fee for tracking.

We also have the expertise and experience to provide our clients with security cameras to help them secure their homes. NC Global Solutions INC are dealers of Clearview and IC Real time Security Cameras. Affordable systems with commercial quality and good reliability.

NC Global Solutions INC continues to find affordable methods to help our clients obtain the truth. Our solutions help find resolution for our customers and stakeholders.