Need Answers about Adultery and Infidelity Concerns

Do you often find yourself wondering why your husband is never where he says he is? Want to know why he has all of sudden been working late so often? Those weekend long fishing trips with the boys are now occurring more often. These are just some of the possible signs of infidelity.

North Carolina Investigative Services, Inc (N.C.I.S.) utilizes computer technology and equipment. Our Private Investigators have digital still and video cameras. We are trained in surveillance techniques and have worked hundreds of cases in NC. Contacting a private investigator to check on your loved one is hard to do, but living with the fear and unknown is clearly worse. Why wait until your spouse tells you that he/she is leaving, then most often it is too late. Get the answers that you deserve for your peace of mind, as well as protecting your marital rights.

If you are one of those spouses that have these lingering concerns, North Carolina Investigative Services, Inc has some cost effective methods to help obtain the answers to these nagging concerns. Call us today at (800) 819-6947 for a free consultation on what may be the right option for you.