Locate Services: NC Global Solutions INC Uses Investigative Methods to Find Individuals

North Carolina Investigative Services, Inc. offers national & local search services for locating an individual. One of the most common reasons a locate service is conducted is to find a person who is holding up a lawsuit. This occurs when there is a judgment or pending lawsuit against someone that cannot be located. Another common reason to conduct a locate service is to find a friend you may have lost contact with over the years.

Raleigh’s North Carolina Investigative Services, Inc. is professional, experienced and has a record of success conducting locate searches and reports. The search begins by obtaining a valid reason for conducting the locate. We will not proceed with the locate without determining a compelling reason for finding this person. The first step is to search national, local, and public information databases for information regarding the individual. The next steps depend on the success of the database search. Often the database search will produce results that will lead the search in a specific direction. On the other hand if the public database search is not fruitful, NC Global Solutions INC will proceed with various methods depending on the circumstances of the case involved.

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