How Keeping an Eye on Employees Can Save You Money

Employee theft, fraud, misconduct, accidents and absenteeism cost corporations billions of dollars each year. But since Facebook and other social networking sites are so popular with the current generation, much can be learned about employees and their activities from these websites.

Who are your employees’ friends, and who they are connected with? What are they posting about their employment? Are they posting things that could be hurtful to their employers reputation?

Competitors are watching social networking websites. Why shouldn’t you?
Investigation Prevents Sick Days From Being Abused- Corporations are losing money every day; either by fraud, theft or bogus accidents. Not to mention employees who take advantage of their employers by using sick days while actually attending sporting events or just skipping work.

Surveillance of employees with high absenteeism can yield good results. But tracking and pattern analysis of days that they are absent will also help you prepare for surveillance. Once a pattern has been identified, surveillance should take place to document the activity of the employee.

Gaining Proof of Employee Theft- Undercover agents can be used to gain proof when employee theft is discovered at your business. Proper interviewing techniques are also very helpful when dealing with employee theft. Most employees will confess when confronted in the proper manner. Polygraphs and other lie detection devices also can help identify employee theft.

How to Uncover and Discourage Costly Fake Accident Claims- Bogus accidents staged by employees occur often, and are usually overlooked by employers. Many times these employees are poor workers, and are attempting to cut their losses with your company.

Those employees may stage accidents to get paid Worker’s Compensation, disability money, and sometimes to collect cash from civil lawsuits filed against your business. Most corporations are insured. But since insurance companies try to avoid bad publicity, they will often just offer a quick settlement.

Background investigations, checking employee pages on social networking websites, and surveillance are the most effective methods to investigate bogus accidents and claims.

Every employee accident should be investigated. Interviews are important during the first stage of the accident. It is during this stage that you determine whether or not this is a false claim, or real accident. The next step should be a complete background check, and investigation of the employee on social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

Surveillance should began once it seems clear that the accident claim from the employee is fraudulent. Using proper surveillance methods usually provides you with the answers that are needed to help make a conclusion about the claim.

Through the methods listed above, corporate loss can be reduced to manageable levels. Employers can and should send a clear message to other employees that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.