Child Custody Surveillance Is an Important Tool

One important tool for investigative service firms is surveillance, which is the watching or observing of a person. Often, a custody dispute involves the child’s living conditions and surveillance can help to uncover what circumstances a child is truly living in. Typically, one of the parents is seeking full custody and engages a private investigator to monitor the current living conditions, so as to gain an advantage in court. It is important to know that, in North Carolina, the court decides what is in the best interest of the child.

There are several concerns that can be addressed through child custody surveillance. Often, the main concern is what is occurring in the presence of the child. This may include: who is coming or going while the child is home or with the other parent, what type of neighborhood the child is living in and what events are occurring around the child, such as high volume drug dealing, a parent with a drinking problem that tends to drive drunk or a parent that goes to bars with the minor child. Additionally, leaving a minor with others frequently or alone most of the time will favor the complaining parent. If these elements are observed and documented in court the judge may rule in the favor of the complaining parent.

Surveillance agents or investigator will watch and observe for a period of time selected by the client. They will document, photograph and video everything observed so as to provide the most accurate information. North Carolina Investigative Services Inc. works with clients in Raleigh to create a plan that fits into the client’s budget to obtain the evidence needed to prove what is in the best interest of the child.