What Background Check Services Work Best For You?

NC Global Solutions is an international provider in the background screening industry. Whether you are an employer seeking information for important hiring or promotion decisions, a nonprofit organization using volunteers, or a landlord seeking tenant screening, NC Global Solutions is the right choice for your company.
NC Global Solutions conducts pre-employment employee screening services for corporations, small businesses, and the Federal Government. Understanding the background of applicants and employees is essential to creating and maintaining an effective workforce. NC Global Solutions offers a variety of employment screening and reports, drug and alcohol testing and medical services. In addition, we have an inexpensive means to interface with multiple applicant tracking systems.
NC Global Solutions’ experienced team specializes in providing the technology and automation for obtaining and disseminating sensitive and private information, while constantly monitoring state laws and statutes that may affect the information you need.
Our pre- employment services include the following:

  • Social Security number search which should be accomplished on every employee or screening. This is an important step to begin to verify the individual’s identity and provides information on an applicant’s name, past addresses, and movement patterns.
  • County Criminal Search based upon the candidates address history. The County Criminal search is considered the most accurate and comprehensive criminal background check. NC Global Solutions utilizes a team of researchers to access criminal records directly from the courthouses in the counties you are requesting.
  • Civil Record Search is used to relate to non-criminal lawsuits against a person. Civil Search of Court records for but not limited to wrongful terminations, litigated workers compensations suits, personal injury suits, product liability suits, sexual harassment, fraud, embezzlement, judgments for non-payments of goods, and litigation related to divorce, marriage, and child custody.
  • State Criminal Searches are often obtained from the Administrative Office of the courts or Law Enforcement Repository. This search accesses the Statewide Criminal repository if available in each state and provides access to public criminal records from the applicable state.
  • Federal Criminal Search reports records of crimes committed against Federal Criminal laws. This information is not included on a county or statewide record.
  • Prior Employer Verification verifies dates of service, job title, job duties, attendance and reason for leaving. This service also verifies re-hire status and general comments.
  • Education Verification is direct verification of an applicant’s educational records including dates attended and degree, certificate or diploma received at the provided educational institution.
  • National Criminal Multi Jurisdiction database search is an extensive report that includes an instant multi-state search of criminal records. This search accesses over 400 databases and 200 million files containing criminal records from participating state repositories and archives, county court houses, administrative office of the courts, and department of corrections.
  • Motor Vehicle Report is the driving record including offenses and citations provided by the specified state in which applicant holds a valid license.
  • National Sex Offender Registry is critical for professionals and volunteers who will interact with youth or work in childcare, education, healthcare, and human services. This search includes sex offender registration records for all fifty states.
  • Alcohol and Drug Testing is provided by the Nation’s leading diagnostic drug and alcohol testing firms. We utilize urine, hair follicle, and saliva testing methods.

Contact us to discuss which background checks work best for your circumstance. Whether you are a landlord or a government agency, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.