Background Checks and Comprehensive Searches on Prospective Renters

Are you a landlord or manager of rental properties? If so, you know the importance of completing a due diligence on anyone that is considering renting your property. In today’s civil lawsuit inclined generation, landlords and rental property management needs to accomplish these checks to protect themselves, their assets and their other tenants. NC Global Solutions INC has the right package for rental property managers and landlords including comprehensive asset searches and background record checks.

The comprehensive search includes researching previous addresses and properties that they may have owned, as well as liens and bankruptcy filings. It is important that you know whether your prospective tenants have any current or past liens or bankruptcies. The comprehensive search will reveal any patterns of renting and failure to pay. This report is also helpful in determining whether or not the applicant included all past relevant information on their application to you.

A record check will evaluate the prospect’s background and will help you make sure your property and liabilities are not at risk by renting to an individual with a history of criminal charges. The records check will help you be more selective and weed out individuals you cannot trust. The report will highlight any charges that may be of interest to you when considering who you want in and around your property.

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