Alienation of Affection Law and Why You Should Hire a Private Investigator

North Carolina is one of only a few states with the Alienation of Affection law still in effect. The law states that if you can prove that your spouse has had marriage interference then you may have an advantage in your divorce proceedings and you can file a separate lawsuit against the person that caused the marital interference.

A North Carolina private Investigator can conduct surveillance to obtain the necessary information. The private investigator will gather evidence that can be used in court and testify to what was observed.

Often, once the law suit is filed, the spouse becomes motivated to not only settle his or her divorce but also motivated to reach settlement for the person who committed the marital interference.  This is the one of the biggest benefits of the evidence collected by the private investigator. Another benefit is that the private investigator’s evidence and testimony will most likely assist in the recovery of additional divorce distributions which will often cover the price of most investigations. While it is true that surveillance is expensive, most of the time, you will gain more then you will pay for the investigation.