Code of Ethics

The Private Investigator will, when the appropriate opportunity presents itself, explain to the public, the role of his profession in the furtherance of the administration of justice.

HE/SHE will not knowingly violate any right or privilege of any individual citizen which may be guaranteed or provided by the United States Constitution, any State constitution, or the laws of the State and Federal Governments or any subdivision thereof.

HE/SHE will make all his reporting based upon truth and fact. He/She will not disclose or relate or betray in any fashion that trust of confidence placed in him by either client, employer, or associate, without that person’s consent. He/She will not suggest, condone, or participate in any fashion or degree, for any purpose whatsoever, in entrapment.

HE/SHE shall refrain from accepting an assignment or employment if a personal conflict of interest lies therein. He/She will deal fairly and equitably with his client or employer, and will clearly explain his duties and the basis for his charges in each case.

HE/SHE will guard against employing those techniques, or utilizing such equipment or devices that may threaten the life or safety of another.

HE/SHE will not allow personal feelings or prejudices to interfere with factual and truthful disclosures on the assignments in which he/she has been employed or consulted.